In everything we do
we share experiences,
everyone has a story.

We're storytellers
magnifying lives.

Why we do what we do
In everything we do, we share experiences - everyone has a story worth telling - Sonderseen want to tell it. 

We are not all the same, and we need to be able to communicate who we are. Our content should reflect our passions, our lives, each as vivid and complex as the next. Sonderseen is about magnifying lives, whether a company, a band, a festival or an individual, Sonderseen wants to learn more about your ambitions, friends, routines, worries and inherent craziness, so we can present the epic stories that would otherwise continue invisibly around us.

How we do what we do
We plan, produce and deliver high-quality video content to suit the needs of our clients and their audiences.

We work tightly with you, getting to know you and your video needs first. We don’t fit you into a box, we ensure your content is unique to you and we work on time and in budget to deliver this. We have a large network of talented producers, directors, cameramen and editors so we can tailor our team to fit your vision and your budget. From the initial storyboards to the final edit we will work with you to ensure all stages of production run smoothly and you come out with content which reflects your vision. 

Our team

Mark Dighe, Founder

I'm a film-maker. From the first idea through to the final cut, I'm all about capturing moments and sharing real stories. Whether it be a feature film, a commercial, a showreel or a short promo video, every film tells a story. The trick is telling the right story. I am an editor, producer and director so I can take your project from conception to delivery, being present and hands-on at every stage of the process.

Ethan Russell, Director of Photography

Practising as a Cinematographer and Colourist operating on commercials, music promos and documentary films, Ethan has had the privilege to work with globally recognised brands such as Nike, SuperDry, Vogue and Pfizer. He has also worked with lesser known artisans whose work he is keen to showcase and celebrate. Often he looks for project to work on where individuals have compelling stories and a need to be heard.


Josh Lynch, Cinematographer & Editor

Josh spent 4 years at a video production company learning his craft from an award-winning prime time documentary filmmaker. Josh eventually progressed into the role of an Associate Company Director and in-house Cinematographer. He now runs his own projects for a number of corporate clients as well as leanding his skill and experience to Sonderseen. 


Kieran Beauchamp, Producer

Kieran studied Graphic Design at college and then went on to read Marketing, Design and Communication at Nottingham Trent University. Upon graduating Kieran was involved in the launch and growth of a national student newspaper. He has since set up 282 Video Production and produces for a large variety of clients including the likes of Boden


Dom Doring, Cinematographer & Editor

Working as a cinematographer, Dominic has had the privilege of working with respected companies, labels, stores and individuals. His passion is to tell stories, convey emotion and provoke thought through the art of film. Since starting, Dominic has worked with many charities and organisation .  As well as this has extensive clientele in the music scene working with artists such as Joshua Luke Smith, Danny Byrd and Decembre. Most recently he launched his own wedding visuals business: Oak and Blossom. Already in his short time he has been awarded two film awards, one of which was a BAFTA recognised award: First Light.