Film for PLAY 4 CALAIS

Be A Light In The Dark – PLAY 4 CALAIS

Mark Dighe

PLAY 4 CALAIS brings pop-up cinema, sporting activities and play-time to the 600+ children and 6000+ adults living in The Jungle in Calais. With little to do and tensions high, refugees are desperate for respite care and community building activities to take part in. A few brief hours of cinema screenings, safe-play and sports helps people take their minds off the pain and trauma they've already experienced - and often continue experiencing on their journeys to safety. Football and cinema in particular are international languages that speak to all and help build bonds among The Jungle’s diverse communities.

Capture highlights from the PLAY 4 CALAIS football tournament on 10 June 2016. Film the whole day, interviewing the members of the PLAY 4 CALAIS team and capturing the conditions and atmosphere in the Calais Jungle. Provide several pieces of video content from the day, including promotional, fundraising and documentary videos for use throughout the year.


'Sonderseen are brilliant, bold and very talented filmmakers. They have a keen eye for creative ideas and interesting uses of music and graphics, to create well paced, visually distinctive and highly engaging videos. On top of this, they were diligent, patient and helpful whilst I found my organisation's voice. I feel truly blessed that they came our way, to capture the best of our work here at PLAY 4 CALAIS.'

Alix Wilton Regan
Founder and Direcotor, PLAY 4 CALAIS